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To activate the Yenka software, you need to have received an Activation Key, once you have purchased and registered your software.

Note: You will not receive an Activation Key or Serial Number if you simply want a 15-day trial of Yenka or a free home licence. Activation Keys are only used if you have purchased a teacher or site licence or have a free school product.

To enter your Activation Key:

  1. Run Yenka as the administrator:
    • In Windows Vista and Windows 7, right-click on the application or shortcut and choose "Run as administrator".
    • In Windows XP and earlier, right-click on the application or shortcut and choose "Run as...", then sign in as the administrator.
    • On a Mac, run Yenka as the root user.
  2. Choose the option that asks you to activate your licence.
  3. A screen will appear asking you to enter your Activation Key. Enter the Activation Key you received by email when you registered your serial number. You can also login to to retrieve your Activation Key.
  4. Once you have entered your Activation Key, press 'Activate'.

If you connect to the internet via a Proxy Server, then please visit Online Activation through a Proxy Server;

Need more help?

If you are experiencing difficulties with your installation, please see our list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you are still having problems, or if your computer isn't connected to the internet, contact