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Update your drivers

We use a system called OpenGL for our 3D graphics. This is an industry standard, and is already available on most computers purchased within the last four years.

However, you'll need to make sure that you have the correct graphics card drivers to be installed on your computer. The graphics card is a piece of hardware - already inside your computer - which handles the display, and the drivers are the software programs that it runs when doing this.

Most problems viewing 3D graphics, including performance issues, are caused by having no OpenGL drivers installed for your computer's graphics card. You can't get OpenGL drivers separately: it has to be supported by your graphics card drivers.

Most manufacturers let you download the latest graphics card driver software free of charge from their websites, and this should include OpenGL drivers. When updating your graphics card drivers, it is important that you use the software that is specifically designed for your graphics card.

Some common manufacturers are


If you want to run Yenka on a laptop, it is worth checking the website of your graphics card manufacturer for their recommendation. However, you may have to use drivers supplied by the manufacturer of your laptop (Dell, HP, Acer, etc) instead of those by the manufacturer of your graphics chip. Visit their websites for more information.

Known Issues

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