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Yenka is a powerful software program, and if you're using an older computer, you may find some simulations - especially those with 3D graphics - run slowly.

To improve Yenka's performance, you can

  • Upgrade your graphics card
    This is the most common way to improve Yenka's performance. Ideally, your graphics card should have its own graphics memory, rather than using shared system memory.
    You'll find more information on graphics cards here. Please note that a few graphics cards have known issues with Yenka.
  • Update your driver software
    Using the most up-to-date driver software helps you get the most out of your hardware, and may significantly improve performance - especially with graphics drivers.
    You can usually download the most up-to-date drivers from your hardware manufacturer's website.
  • Add more memory (RAM) to your computer
    In addition to upgrading your graphics card, adding more memory is a good way to improve your computer's performance, particularly if your computer is at or near the minimum System Requirements.

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