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The following guide describes how to install Yenka on a Windows network using our Yenka Network Installer. To install Yenka on a single standalone Windows computer, please see the Installing on a Stand-alone PC guide.

Please note that these are relatively advanced instructions and should normally be carried out by a network administrator.

Network Server setup

  1. Download the MSI installer
  2. Double-click on the downloaded file (will look like Yenka_Setup_(MSI).exe) and install to a shared folder.
  3. This package will install the Yenka Server application and the YK.msi file. (The YK.msi file will be installed to C:\Program Files\Yenka\Server by default).
  4. Please note: You must activate Yenka before deploying the package across your network. To do this run 'Yenka.exe' from the product's folder in your installation directory (<install path>\program files\Yenka\Software\Yenka.exe) and follow the Activation Instructions. The below screenshot shows Yenka.exe being run and assumes the default installation path:

Deploying the MSI via Group Policy

  1. Still on the server machine, click Start -> Run and type dsa.msc then click OK to run Active Directory Users and Computers.
  2. Right Click the OU that Yenka is to be deployed to and click Properties. (The below screenshot shows Yenka being deployed to the entire domain).
  3. In the OU properties dialog click on Open... in the Group Policy tab to open the Group Policy Management Console.
  4. Here you can edit an existing, linked Policy by right clicking on it and selecting Edit or create a brand new one by right clicking on the OU and selecting Create and Link a GPO Here....
  5. Both options will open the Group Policy Object Editor. From here navigate expand Computer Configuration -> Software Settings -> Software installation.
  6. Right click on Software installation and select New -> package
  7. In the Open dialog, enter the UNC path to the YK.msi file via the shared folder on the server and click Open.
  8. In the dialog that follows select Assigned and click OK. The Yenka package will be shown in the right hand panel in the Group Policy Object Editor.
  9. The client machines must now be rebooted for the changes to take place. (Some network configurations require that client machines are rebooted twice for software distribution via Group Policy).

Removing the MSI via Group Policy

To remove Yenka from the client machines, simply locate the Yenka package in the Group Policy Object Editor, right click it and select Remove.