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Our CC3 installers provide a simple way of copying a pre-built, CC3 compatible MSI package to your RM CC3 server. The package contains the MSI, program files and placeholder shortcuts. These instructions assume that the reader has an indepth understanding of RM CC3 networks and access to RM CC3 network documentation.

Note that you can use Yenka on a Community Connect 4 network, but you will need to create the CC4 package yourself using the RM Application Wizard by importing our MSI or CC3 package.


To install on a server running RM Community Connect 3:

  1. Download the RM CC3 installer
  2. Double click on the downloaded file (will look like Yenka_Setup_(CC3).exe) and run through the installation wizard
  3. When prompted for an installation location, please install it in your RM Applications area. Typically, this would look something like the following:
    "\RMNetwork\RMManage\Packages\Applications" or "Q:\Applications"
  4. Please note: You must activate Yenka before deploying the package across your network. To do this run 'Yenka.exe' from the product's folder in your RM Applications area (e.g. Q:\Applications\Yenka\v3.4\program files\Yenka\Software\Yenka.exe) and follow the Activation Instructions.
  5. In the RM Management Console, ensure that you update the package list. When you have updated this, you should see Yenka available for allocation. For more help, please consult your RM Community Connect documentation.