Free home use
Get a free copy of Yenka to use at home.

Free school trial
Try all our Yenka products free for 15 days in school.

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Q: I'd like to try out a Yenka product - is a demo version available?

A: Yes - you can try any of our Yenka products free for 15 days.

Q: How much does Yenka cost?

A: Click here for prices in your region.

Q: Do I have to pay an annual subscription to use Yenka?

A: Currently, our prices are all one-off payments. Once you've paid, the software is yours to keep, and you don't need to keep paying subscriptions.

Q: Do you have a Mac version?

A: Yes, we have both Mac and Windows versions. Here are the system requirements.

Q: How do I place an order?

A: Please contact your local dealer or get in touch with us directly.

Q: What do I do after I have received my serial number?

A: When buy a new Yenka product for your school, you will receive a 16-digit serial number. Next, you should:

  1. Register this 16-digit serial number and school details. Once the registration is complete, you'll receive a 12-digit Activation Key, which can be used to activate the software.
  2. Download and install the Yenka software on any computers where you plan to use it.
  3. On each computer, activate the software using your 12-digit activation key. Your licence will then be downloaded, unlocking the licensed areas of the software.

If you plan to use Yenka on more than a handful of computers, we also have network installers.

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