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This page contains some frequently asked questions about system issues.

Q. What are Yenka's system requirements?

A. Please visit our System Requirements page to find the most up-to-date system requirements.

Q. Will Yenka work on Windows Vista?

A. Yes. We recommend you use Windows XP or Vista. We do not support Windows 98, NT 4, or 2000.

Q. Will Yenka work on an RM Community Connect network?

A. Yes. We have a CC version of Yenka. Please visit our Network Installers page.

Q. Is there a Mac version of Yenka?

A: Yes. We have a Mac version of Yenka. Please visit our Start using Yenka page.

Q. Can Yenka be run from a Terminal Server on a Thin Client Network?

A. No we do not support this. Our software includes a sophisticated simulation engine which needs to run on the local client to achieve an acceptable performance.

Q. Can I use Yenka on an interactive whiteboard?

A. Yes. Yenka has an entirely new user interface that is designed to be easier to use in the classroom, especially with interactive whiteboards, and requires no special setup.

Q. Does Yenka support my graphics card?

A. Yenka works with a wide range of graphics cards and on-board graphics (hardware already "built in") from all the major manufacturers. You can read more information on graphics cards and graphics cards known issues.

If you need more information or you cannot find an answer to your question here, please email your query to