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Q. Why can't I edit the model?

A. Yenka has two modes which can be switched between by using the Play Content and Add Objects tabs.

You are in Play mode when the Play Content tab is shown. This mode is intended for when you just want to view a model without adding or removing objects:

  • You cannot select objects.
  • Objects cannot be deleted, copied or pasted.
  • You cannot add objects from the Objects pane.
  • Presentation objects (e.g. text and pictures) are locked so that they cannot be moved or resized.

You are in Edit mode when the Add Objects tab is shown:

  • All objects can be moved and resized unless they are locked.
  • You cannot open content using the Play Content tab.

Q. What is locking?

A. The Properties pane (Advanced > Lock) contains several locking options. You can lock the following aspects of an object by checking the relevant boxes:

  • All properties: Locks all properties of the object.
    • Position: Fixes the position of the object.
    • Size: Prevents resizing of the object.
    • Orientation: Prevents rotation of the object for layout purposes.
    • Other properties: Prevents editing of any other properties or controls on the object (such as sliders or editable text).

Q. I am using Yenka 3D Shapes, version 1.1. When I try to load models from the website, they don't work!

A. The 3D shapes models on our website have been designed for Yenka version 2.0 and higher. If you would like to use our on-line content, then simply download the latest version of the plugin. Your version 1.1 licence will still be valid.

Q. Why can't I open my old Crocodile product model files in Yenka?

A. Yenka is compatible models saved in most past products from Crocodile Clips. This includes previous versions of the Yenka software as well as older Crocodile products (Crocodile Chemistry, ICT, etc.). You should be able to open models with any of the following extensions:

.yka .cxt .cxi .cxp .cxc

To open other model types (.cyt .cyp) in Yenka you should install the file converter add-on, which we provide on our website ( However, please note that only Electronic components from these models will be imported into Yenka.

Models saved from our discontinued product, 'Crocodile Clips' (with a .ckt extension) are not supported in Yenka.

Q. Why does my imported model look different in Yenka?

A. The user interface in Yenka has changed significantly from earlier Crocodile simulators. This has meant that models will look different. In Yenka, 2D and 3D objects appear together in a combined view, so you might find that your 3D PCBs and mechanisms are positioned differently.

Q. Why are there parts missing from my imported model?

A. While Yenka does support many older file formats, there may be objects within the model that are outdated and are no longer supported. This includes old versions of the graph object.

If you need more information or you cannot find an answer to your question here, please email your query to