Free home use
Get a free copy of Yenka to use at home.

Free school trial
Try all our Yenka products free for 15 days in school.

Yenka is a new generation of educational modelling tools from Crocodile Clips.

Equally at home on whiteboards or when used by individual students, they let you experiment with the topics you're teaching in a safe, accurate virtual world.

Create your own interactive lessons

Each Yenka product is based around a powerful modelling engine. This lets you use and edit the rich, interactive content from our extensive online database - or even create your own lessons from scratch with just a few clicks. These can then be uploaded to your VLE if you wish.

No recurring costs

There's no recurring subscription cost - once you've purchased, you can use the software on any computer in your school.

Free home licences

To help spread the word about Yenka, we're offering free home licences for all of our Yenka tools.

There's no need to purchase anything. Just download Yenka and you will be able to use all of our Yenka products at home free of charge.

Improved interface and content

If you have more than one Yenka product, they fit seamlessly together, sharing a single user interface, keeping tools and techniques consistent across subjects.

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