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Yenka 3D Shapes

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Yenka 3D Shapes offers a collection of engaging lessons which teach about 2D and 3D geometry, along with a powerful modelling tool so you can modify them - or even create your own lessons from scratch.

To try it out yourself, you can get a free copy to use at home or a trial copy to use at school.

  • Experiment with 3D geometry - drag ready-made shapes or nets onto the screen, then resize or rotate them by dragging. Yenka offers a full library of 3D shapes, ready for you to use.
  • Complete control over your model - change the 3D view, or the colours and textures of your shapes. Snap measurements onto them to read lengths, areas and combined volumes.

  • Design 3D nets, and fold them - snap shapes like squares and triangles together: joined edges become hinges, and you can fold them by dragging corners.
    A range of ready-made nets help you get started, or you can unfold 3D shapes into their nets.
  • Create your own activities - add questions, instructions or text to your models.
  • View plans and elevations - pan, zoom and rotate your model to show a plan or elevations - in either a perspective or an isometric view.

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