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This page contains some common questions about 3D shapes and their answers.

Q. Why can't I click on the fold button after I have made my own net?

A. You must first show Yenka how you would like it to fold your net. You can do this by grabbing the corners of your net and folding them into a 3D shape. When you are finished, simply open the net properties and click "store angles". You can then use the "fold" and "flatten" buttons or the "convert to shape" to make a solid.

Q. How do I change the base of my net?

A: The base of your net should be the shape that is darker in colour than the rest. To change this, simply double-click the net to open its properties and click on the "surface appearance" tab. Double-click on the shape you would like and then click the "make base" button.

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