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Yenka Electronics

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Yenka Electronics lets you design and simulate circuits using over 150 types of component, testing and refining your design as you work.

  • Professional electronic tools for schools - based on a new version of the Crocodile Clips simulation engine, Yenka Electronics makes electronic design straightforward - even for less experienced users.
  • Design circuits easily - choose components from the extensive library, draw wires with your mouse, and see the circuit spring to life.

    Click components to edit their properties, and graph changing voltages.
  • Analogue electronics range from simple power supplies and switches, through inputs, sensors and outputs, to semiconductors and op-amps.

    New: editing component ratings

    Many offer several real models for use in its sister product Yenka PCBs - for example, 10 types of NPN transistor are on offer.

  • Digital electronics are also on offer too, with logic gates and extensive sets of 4000 and 7400 series ICs.

    Yenka Electronics and Yenka PCBs
  • Edit maximum component ratings, and other parameters, by simply clicking on them in your circuit.
  • Simplified circuit editing - drag a component onto a wire, and it will be automatically inserted; there's no need to delete old wires or draw new ones. Drop it on an existing component, and it'll replace that component.
  • Design PCBs with our PCB tools: convert your simulation automatically into a 3D PCB design, simulate it and export it for manufacture.
  • Include PIC and PICAXE chips in your circuits with our microcontroller tools: program the chips with straightforward flowcharts before exporting them to real hardware.

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