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Yenka Technology lets you take the electronic circuits you design and convert them automatically to PCB designs. You can simulate the PCB in 3D, add 3D cases, and export the layout for manufacture.

  Editing component placement on a 3D PCB case
  • Design circuit boards in full 3D - drag a 3D PCBs into your design, and build your circuit using Yenka Electronics. Then convert it to a PCB layout, either manually or automatically.
  • Route tracks automatically - using Yenka's powerful tools, specifying key settings like track width and component spacing.
  • Place inputs and outputs where you want them, and Yenka will place the other components automatically. You can even edit the full PCB design manually, if you wish.
  • Powerful PCB editing tools are included: Yenka PCBs includes the real-PCB design software, based on a widely-used industrial engine, which runs in the background. It gives you full manual control over the design, if you need it.
  • Add a 3D case for your finished PCB, and use our 3D tools to place inputs and outputs on the case. Import cases that you've designed in CAD software, such as Google's free Sketchup (more)
  • Simulate your circuit board in 3D: interact with switches or controls in either the 2D schematic or the 3D real-world view; both views of your circuit are simulated concurrently.
    To help understand how your finished product will work, you can flip or rotate the board to any angle as the simulation runs.
  • Export your PCB for manufacture as a Gerber file, or to a variety of desktop milling machines.
  • Include PIC and PICAXE chips in your circuits with our microcontroller tools: program the chips with straightforward flowcharts before exporting them to real hardware.

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