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This page contains common questions about Yenka Programming and their answers.

Q. How do I add my own 3D graphics to Yenka Programming?

You can use the 3D Importer object in Yenka Programming to import 3D objects you created using Google SketchUp. Or, you can download ready-made models from the Google 3D Warehouse to use.

For a step-by-step guide on how to do this, please see: How to use the Yenka 3D Importer.pdf. (Adobe Reader required)

Q. How do I add my own music to Yenka Programming?

Yenka Programming includes a number of music tracks to use with the built-in music player. You can also import your own music or sound files in .ogg (Vorbis format).

If you have .mp3 files that you would like to convert into .ogg format, we recommend Audacity, which is a free, audio editor and recorder for Windows, Mac, Linux, and other operating systems.

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