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Yenka Science

  • virtual lab for simulating inorganic & physical chemistry, electrochemistry, electricity, waves, light, motion & energy
  • Mac OS X / Windows XP or later

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Yenka Science is a highly interactive virtual lab, which lets you model physics and chemistry experiments safely and easily.

It brings together the features of Yenka Physics and Yenka Chemistry.

Simulate experiments however you wish: design circuits and optical systems, model reactions using over 100 different chemicals, investigate wave propagation or accelerate masses. Powerful graph tools let you follow your experiments' progress.

There's a wide range of ready-made lessons, and a set of training videos, to help you get started.

And teachers and students can all use the full version of Yenka Science at home, free of charge.

What does Yenka cover?

Yenka Science covers these areas:

  • Light and Sound - Experiment with sound, water and light waves, and ray diagrams.
  • Force and Motion - Investigate projectiles, oscillations, gravity and motion.
  • Electricity and Magnetism - Simulate power generation and transmission, and analogue electrical circuits.
  • Inorganic and physical chemistry - model experiments using a wide range of chemicals, equipment and glassware, graphing data as your simulations run.
  • Electrochemistry - investigate electrolysis, electroplating and cells, choosing from a range of metal or carbon electrodes, and 28 different electrolytes.

If you teach electronics in your science lessons, you might prefer Yenka Science with Electronics. And you can also buy Yenka Physics or Yenka Chemistry, which together make up Yenka Science, individually.

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