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Yenka Statistics

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Yenka Mathematics' probability and statistics tools offer a colourful way to learn about the subject by experimenting and interacting with models.

  • Create and import data - Yenka generates datasets or classic distributions for you, or you can import your own.
    Use the line-up to model your class, seeing the effects of changing characteristics like age, shoe size and height.

  • Investigate statistical measures - click a measure (like mean, or a quartile) and it's highlighted across your graphs.
    With charts, tables and statistics interlinked, it's much easier to understand how they are related.
  • Easy-to-use graphs - add as many graphs as you want; they link automatically to your data, and update as you work.
    Use stem and leaf diagrams, frequency and cumulative frequency polygons, histograms, bar or pie charts to show how your data is distributed.
    Scatter graphs let you check correlations, interpolate or extrapolate, while box plots show the five-number summaries.
  • Probability games - flip coins, roll dice or draw numbered balls from a lottery machine. Each has its own probability tree, which - along with the graphs - updates live as you run the experiment.
    Study multiple events: roll two dice or flip three coins, and follow the tree diagram to see the probability for each combined outcome.

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